Emergence Documents

Covid19 Recovery and Emergence Plan: SWH Coronavirus Plan 3.0 and the most recent ‘step’ plan: Post Lockdown Emergence Guide Plan

Additional advice for the celebration of mass in public: Rituale in tempore universalis contagii

Worship during COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic:

Coming to church during the pandemic: https://www.facebook.com/SaintWilfrid/videos/773378093478878/

All services are also live-streamed on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SaintWilfrid

Mass booklet for Ordinary Time: SWH Mass for livestreaming

Community Help information: http://www.stwilfrid.org/coronavirus-neighbourhood-support-information/

Latest Mailing: https://mailchi.mp/73a8cac1b5a5/pentecost2021-6223266

Weddings in Church

Please contact Linda Harrison on 01423 504629 or office@stwilfrid.org to clarify the current situation regarding weddings

GRW Wedding Couples Letter 3 2021

The Church of England