Feb 13

PCC Officers 2012-13

father gary waddington

Tim Rhodes - Churchwarden

Tim is one of our two wardens, responsible for the care and maintainance of the buildings and its contents.




Mike Whittaker - Churchwarden

Mike is one of our two wardens, responsible for the care and maintainance of the buildings and its contents.




Jo Hemingway - PCC Secretary

                     Jo looks after the secreterial work for the PCC.







Jonathan Wilson - PCC Treasurer

Jonathan is a native of Hampshire, but with family roots in Yorkshire. He moved from Southampton to Harrogate in 2006 to take up a new post as an Information Consultant in the NHS.

As Treasurer, he is responsible for the day to day running of the parish finances, including the balancing of the books and the preparation of the Accounts that are presented at the Annual Parish Meeting. He sits on the Deanery and Diocesan Synods.

He also rings bells at St Wilfrid's and has responsibility for conducting Sunday service bell ringing and running of the practice evenings.


Christine Hopper - Electoral Roll Officer

Christine was born in Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire and came to Harrogate in 1987 on promotion within the Civil Service from which she has since retired.  She has recently given up the role of Stewardship recorder after 24 years and has been Electoral Roll Officer for the past 8 years.  Christine has also been a Contralto member of Saint Wilfrid’s Church Choir since 1990, having been a member of 3 other Church Choirs in Hull since 1959.  For the past few years she has been part of the team organising the monthly meals in the Parish Room for CafĂ© Petrus.

Her role is to keep a record of the names and addresses of all people who are eligible to become members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and to vote at the Annual Parish Meeting (APM). 

She updates the Roll to add the names of those who have completed the registration form and removes the names of those who indicate their wish so to do, or die, or who enter Holy Orders.  The PCC is advised regularly of any changes.  The revised Roll is prepared before each APM and a new Roll is prepared every 6 years.  Following a revision of the roll this year, the next full revision is due in 2019!