• on July 3rd, 2019

Keeping our churchyard neat and tidy

Keeping our churchyard neat and tidy

A great privilage at St Wilfrid’s is the beautiful setting the church stands in. We’re thankful to the work of the Ground staff of Harrogate Ladies College (and to Rory who mows the grass) and to Christine Brown who looks after the border on Duchy Road.

The East end area is set apart for the burial of cremated remains. This is always a very moving area. We remember worshippers and parishioners who have supported and helped in this place.


Chancellor’s Regulations

New regulations were issued by the Diocesan Chancellor in late 2018 on how such areas are to be maintained. These are for the benefit of all. They are important regulations. We support them. They help us to make sure that this part of the churchyard is well maintained at all times.

We have very limited ability to make any changes to these regulations. They are applicable to all parish churches and in some form, exist for every parish church, not just in the Diocese of Leeds, but across the country.

We’re publishing them now along with an explanatory letter from Fr Gary as a consultation period before they are finally ratified. The PCC have given their blessing to this and we very much hope that they will help everyone to best share and appreciate this important space.

Churchyard Letter