• on March 26th, 2018

Event Lighting Schemes in the Church

St Wilfrid Harrogate is a Grade 1 listed building noted for its beautiful architectural features, and the right lighting can emphasise these features while adding a different ambience to the building. Working with Allan Smyth from Allan Smyth Audio Visual, we have experimented with different lighting schemes, using a combination of LED uplighters.

How Lighting Reveals Architectural Features

Church lit with LED colours
St Wilfrid Harrogate Event Lighting Example

The uplighters help us to “see” the church in a different way to how we see it in daylight. Temple Moore designed the pairs of columns in the nave to be different from each other  – something that you notice particularly when they are lit from below. The Lady Chapel, designed by Temple Moore’s son in law, Leslie Moore, gives the high altar a spectacular backdrop when it is lit in colour and the sense of scale from the baptistry to the Lady Chapel is heightened.

Lighting can also help to “zone” what is a very large building. You can light the sanctuary around the high altar and use this as your backdrop. You can perform a smaller concert in one of the chapels, or focus on the main body of the nave without using the side aisles. A great lighting scheme in church boosts the way that the space can be used and helps to raise funds through an increase in the number of bookings.

Lighting for Events in Church

While a little red lighting was used in the sanctuary during Mass on Palm Sunday at St Wilfrid Harrogate, the main purpose of our experimentation with lighting schemes is for events. The church is available to hire for concerts, wedding receptions, charity events and more – a great lighting scheme helps to make an event even more memorable for everyone who attends. If you would like to find out more about hiring St Wilfrid Harrogate for your event with a lighting scheme included, contact Rebecca Oliver on bookings@stwilfrid.org.

Photographs Courtesy of Andy Backhouse at www.baffledgeography.co.uk.

St WIlfrid Harrogate lit for event
Different lighting schemes evoke different moods