It was wonderful to welcome David Halls back to St Wilfrid's (where he had previously been a choirister and an assistant Organist) in the Evening of Saturday 26th July.  He played a wonderful collection of pieces including, amongst others, Bach's Tocatta in D, Sousa's Washington Post March, Mendelssohn's War March of the Priest and Widor's Symphony V. He showed of some of the wonder of our Organ and the great depth of his tallent.  We were joined by many people who have connections with St Wilfrid's from the present and the past as well as those who came simply to hear the wonderful music. David Hall's recorded a CD playing on our Harrison and Harrison organ  which is due to be realeased at the end of the year (possibly the beginning of next year).  Thank You to David for coming back to St Wilfrid's to give the recital. Thank You to everyone who helped in the organising and running of the event and Thank You to everyone that supported us. Please keep an eye on the 'Church News' page as we carry on our centenary celebrations with the Flower Festival.